Gleason Model 463 Hypoid Grinder, Max Diameter 34″, Max DP 2, Max Face Width 3″

Category: GEAR GRINDERS – See Also G4550, G7875 Reference Number: 3845 Description: MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS:
Maximum Cone Distance (30-Degree Spiral
Angle w/12″ Dia Wheel) 15″/(381mm)
Maximum Pitch Angle, 90-Degree Shaft 70-DEGREES
Minimum Pitch Angle, 90-Degree Shaft              5-DEGREES
Maximum Pitch Diameter: (90-Degree Shafts):
0-degree spiral angle, 1:1 ratio                      15.5″/(393.7mm)
0-degree spiral angle, 3:1 ratio 23″/(584.2mm)
30-degree spiral angle, 1:1 ratio 21″/(533.4mm)
30-degree spiral angle, 3:1 ratio 31.5″/(800.1mm)
40-degree spiral angle, 1:1 ratio                       22.5″/(571.5mm)
40-degree spiral angle, 3:1 ratio                         34″/(863.6mm)
Coarsest DP (Module)                                          2 DP
Coarsest DP (Module) (Metric) (12.7-Module)
Maximum Face Width                                          3″/(76.2mm)
Work Spdl Taper Hole Dia.(Large End) 3-19/32″
Work Spindle Bore Taper                                    (Per Ft)39/64″
Work Spindle Thru-Hole Diameter 3.87″/(98mm)
Std Grind Wheel OD 6″-8″
Std Grind Wheel OD (Metric)       (1852-203mm)
Max. Wkhead Offset Above/Below Ctr 4.5″
Max. Wkhead Offset A/B Ctr (Metric) (114.3mm)
Distance From Machine Center To
Spindle Nose 3″-20.5″
Distance From Machine Center To
Spindle Nose (Metric) (76-500mm)
Feed Rate (Seconds Per Tooth)                         1.9-11.8
Approx. Floor Space 135″ x 81″
Approx. Floor Space (Metric)                             (3429x2057mm)
Approx. Overall Machine Ht 97″
Approx. Overall Mach Ht (Metric) (2464mm)
Approx. Machine Net Weight 23,000 LBS.
Approx. Machine Net Weight (Metric) (10,455 kg’s)

Machine Equipped With:
* Small wheel head attachment
* 1 Set-Up of Change Gears

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