Gleason Model 496, Spiral Bevel Cutter Sharpener, New 1965

Category: GEAR CUTTER SHARPENERS (Including CNC) – See Also G6556 Reference Number: 3846 Description: Dia. Of Cutters Sharpened (Spiral):                              1.1 to 7.5″
Dia. Of Cutters Sharpened (Coniflex):                          4.25 to 9″
Wheel Size (Flared Cup-Type):                                     6 & 8″
Vertical Wheel Adjs. Above Spdl. Face:                       6″
Grind Wheel Off-Set (Either Direction):                       3.25″
Angular Tilt Of Work:                                                   25 Degrees
Main Motor, Horsepower:                                             3/4HP, 3600 RPM
Coolant Pump Motor:                                                    1/10 HP,3600 RPM
Floor Space:                                                                   55″x 36″
Mach. Net Weight (Approx.):                                        2,380 lbs For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: Phone: 704.609.0766