Tos Model Fo-16 Gear hobber, Max Dia. Gear: 63.0 in, Max Diametral Pitch: 1.25, Max Face Capacity 22″. Note machine looks to be capable of 90″ diameter capacity, it has tailstock and single index option.

Category: GEAR HOBBERS, VERTICAL – See Also H4500 Reference Number: 3854 Description: MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS:
Max Dia. Gear 63.0 ” ** 
Max Diametral Pitch 1.25 
Max. Face Capacity, Straight 22″ 
Number of Teeth 12-448 
Diameter of Work Table 54″ 
Diameter of Bore in Work Table 7.25″ 
Depth of Bore in Work Table 26″ 
Max. Distance of Hob to Work Center 45″ 
Min. Distance of Hob to Work Center 4″
Max. Distance of Hob Axis to Work Table 41″
Min. Distance of Hob Axis to Work Table 16″
Vertical Travel of Hob 25″ 
Max. Diameter of Hob 10″ 
Max. Length of Hob 11″ 
Hob Speeds (8 Steps) 16-80 RPM 
Vertical Feeds (36 Steps) inches/table rev .01-.25″ 
Horizontal Feeds of work table (36 steps)
   in./table rev .002-.06″ 
Tangential Feeds (36 Steps) in./table rev .005-.16″ 
Main Motor 16 HP 
Total Power 37 HP 
Floor Space (approx.) 170″x80″ 
Machine Weight (approx.) 40,000 lbs 

** Upon Measurement machine looks to capable of almost 90″ diameter capacity

Single Indexing
Universal Milling Head
Misc Change Gears
Machine looks to be in excellent mechanical condition. the machine can be inspected under power in our NC plant with proper notice. call for additional questions and photos!!

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: Phone: 704.609.0766