Barber Colman, Model: 10-12, Hob Cutter Sharpener, 10″ Dia. , 12″ Length, Index plates , New 1961

Category: GEAR CUTTER SHARPENERS (Including CNC) – See Also G6556 Reference Number: 3894 Description: SPECIFICATIONS:

*Max Work OD 10″
*Length 12″
*Max Depth of Gash  2″
*Centerline of Spindle to Table 10″
*Max Length of Table Stroke 18″
*Max Number of Strokes per Minute 12
*Max Grinding Wheel Diameter 10″
*Wheel Adjustment Angle R/L 40 degree
Wheel Motor Spindle Speed 1800 RPM

*With 3 Index Plates
*Wet Grinding Capability
*1 Work Arbor

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