Fellows Model: 20-4 Gear Shaper, 20″ Dia., 4″ Stroke, 11″ riser, Cutter positioning, 2-available,Machines can be inspected in plant under power

Category: GEAR SHAPERS Reference Number: 3911 Description:
Machine Specifications:
Max pitch diameter (External) 20″
Max pitch diameter (Internal) 20″
Max face width, external & internal 4″
Max diametrical pitch spur 4 DP
Max diametrical pitch helical 5 DP
Bore through work spindle 9.055″
Cutter spindle diameter 3.543″
Max helix angle with special guides 45 deg.
Distance between work table & cutter spindle (w/no riser) 12″
Dimensions (L x H x W) 126″x 117″x 70″
Machine net weight, approx. 18,000 lbs.

Spur Guides
11″ Riser Assemblies
20″ maximum clearance height above table!
20″ table diameter
Machine Guarding
Hydraulic Unit
1 Cutter Adapter
Misc. Change Gears

Machine s/n’s are: 35261 & 35212

Inspect Both Machines Under Power in Plant in good Operating Condition!

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766