Barber Coleman, Model 6-5, 6″ Dia, 5′ Length. Hob Sharpener

Category: GEAR CUTTER SHARPENERS (Including CNC) – See Also G6556 Reference Number: 3925 Description:

Model Number                                                          6-5

Rated Work Diameter, Max                                      6″

Rated Work Length, Max                                          5″

Depth of Flute, Max                                                  7/8″

Lead, Min                                                                 20″

Range of Number of Gashes Accommodated           6 to 33

Max Length of Table of Stroke                                 8″

Max Number of Table Strokes                                  20 SPM

Grinding Wheel Diameter, Max                                7″

Grinding Wheel Diameter, Min                                 4.5″

Grinding Wheel Bore                                                1.5″

Wheel Setting Angle, R or L, Max                           30 Degrees

Wheel Spindle Speed                                                3000 RPM

Weight                                                                       5500 lbs

3 Index Plates
Guarding for Wet Grinding
1 Work Arbor
Cooling Tank and Filtration Available at Additional Charge
For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: Phone: 704.609.0766