Ex-Cello Model 35 External Thread Grinder

Category: GRINDERS, THREAD, EXTERNAL – See Also G6325

Reference Number: 3929


Hole thru Spindle                                                                1.625″

Swing Over Table, Maximum                                             14.75″

Grinding Diameter w/18″ Wheel, Maximum                      8″

Grinding Diameter w/14″ Wheel, Maximum                      12″

Internal Grinding Diameter, Minimum                                1″

Internal Grinding Diameter, Maximum                               8″

Internal Grinding Thread Length, Max                               3″

Distance Between Centers, Maximum                                33″

Grinding Wheel Diameter, Minimum                                 13″

Grinding Wheel Diameter, Standard                                   18″

Grinding Wheel Width, Minimum                                      3/8″

Grinding Wheel Width, Maximum                                     1/2″

Grinding Wheel Hole Diameter                                          9″

Helix R.H. Angle, Maximum                                              30-DEGREES

Helix L.H. Angle, Maximum                                              45-DEGREES

(6) Grinding Spindle Speeds, Range                                   1910 to 2640 RPM

Workhead Spindle Speeds, Range                                       2 to 250 RPM

Floor Space Required, L x D                                               5’4″ x 4’10”

Overall Height                                                                     4’11”

Weight, Approximately                                                       8500 LBS

Coolant Tank and Filtration
Misc. Tooling

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