Fellows Model 10-4 CNC Gear Shaper Retrofitted & RE-Manufactured w/ Fanuc OI -MD controls, New 2019, request quote for options , prices and delivery!!!

Category: GEAR SHAPERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 3989 Description:

Fellows Model 10-4 3 axis CNC retrofit rebuild quotation 
for Fellows model 10-2 / 10-4 Standard Gear shapers

Fellows mechanical machines are completely disassembled and gone through. Old parts are removed cleaned and repaired or remanufactued or replaced with new components as required. Machines are mechanically gone through and brought back to new OEM specifications. The machines wiring is updated as well as all electrical components and cabinet. 

Machine Specifications:

Max pitch diameter (External)                               10″
Max pitch diameter (Internal)                                10″
Max face width, external & internal                       4″
Spindle Positioning Axis                                        0-3”
Max diametrical pitch spur                                     4 DP
Max diametrical pitch helical                                 5 DP
Bore through work spindle                                     5.875″
Cutter spindle diameter                                          3.543″
Max helix angle with special guides                      45 deg.
Distance between table & cutter (w/no riser)        10″
Max. OD of fixture                                                19″
Dimensions (L x H x W)                                        91″x 105″x 72″
Machine net weight, approx.                                 13,000 lbs.

Equipment Features:
* Fanuc Oi-Md Control
* 20 HP spindle motor with programmable AC variable drive to control stroking speed
* Stroking speeds from 50-900; other SPM available upon request
* Standard spur guide.
* New X axis infeed system
* X axis absolute scale
* 1 Cutter spindle back off cam
* Remanufactured table group and upper saddle assembly
* X-Axis box ways reground and fitted
* Machine comes as a complete unit and requires minimal setup
* Work table surface reground
* New electrical cabinet with air conditioning system
* 3/4 HP coolant pump
* 1-set documentation (hydraulic, electrical, mechanical)

Control Features:
* C-Axis work table rotation
* X-Axis work table infeed
* B-Axis cutter spindle rotation
* Programmable stroking speeds
* Cutter at top feature
* Custom Macro screens for easy conversational programming
* One to five cuts can be selected
* Segment cutting
* Single index and/or slot cutting
* Sizing cycle feature used to make corrections to the size of a part without running through a complete multi cut cycle
* Part programs can be stored in nonvolatile memory with up to 15 characters
* RS-232, S Ram, and Ethernet communication ports
* Fanuc Robot Interface

Hydraulic System:
* Integral to the machine providing lubrication and pressures for tailstock and work clamping if required
* Trabon lubrication system with feedback sensors for lube pulse monitoring

Machine options available at additional costs
3″ Riser assembly Price: POR
6″ Riser  assembly Price: POR
Hydraulic Clamping Price: POR
Tailstock assembly Price: POR
Full cabin enclosure Price: POR
Light Curtain option Price: POR

Machine will be runoff at Piselli Enterprises with our standard run-off tooling and test blanks to prove out machine quality and accuracy. There will be an additional charge to run-off customers parts at Piselli Ent or at customers location if required.

Order Completion:
3-4 Months from receipt of confirmed PO and down payment!
Note: Piselli Ent. is not responsible for delays in delivery of OEM mfg parts. Piselli Ent. is also not responsible for delays in run-off due to customers delays in providing proper tooling and/ or qualified blanks required by customer for run-off.

40% down with order
50% due upon successful run-off of machine at Piselli Ent with Piselli Ent. quality test blanks and prior to removal.
10% due net 30 days after delivery to customers facility  

we can also handle complete turn key solutions for your parts with precision ground tooling. Just send us your part prints for review and we can get you a rough quote for review.

** Call to set up a tour of our facility to view our vast inventory and see our rebuild location and processes, and/ or call us today for a personalized quotation for your specific requirements***

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