Gould & Eberhardt 60 S-2 CNC Gear Gasher, 60″ Diameter cap, 1 DP, Machine to be retrofitted with Fanuc or Siemens Controls

Category: GEAR CUTTERS, GASHERS (Incl. CNC) – See Also G1604 Reference Number: 3990 Description: The Gould & Eberhardt #60-S2 is suitable for the high-speed cutting/gashing of
spur gears, sprockets, pinions, and other workpieces of similar profile up
to 60″ in diameter, utilizing formed high speed steel or carbide tipped
disc-type cutters up to 18″ diameter.

Machine Specifications:

External Gears with Gashing Cutter Head Gashing
* Max. Gear Diameter w/support                                      40″
* Max. Gear Diameter w/o support                                   60”
* Min Gear Diameter                                                         1.5″
* Max. Face Width                                                             38.5”
* Max. Shift or Tangential Slide                                        0″
* Max. DP                                                                          1 NDP
* Max. Cutter Diameter x Width                                       18″ x 4″
* Diameter of work table                                                   34″
* Bore diameter of work table                                           10″
* Max Table Load                                                              20,000 Lbs.
* Pitch Diameter of index gear                                          28”
* Index range, number of teeth                                          Infinitely Variable
* Machine height                                                               15-feet
* Weight of machine, Approx                                            20 tons
* Floor Space Required                                                      20 ft. by 12 ft. approx.

Hydraulic Tailstock Work Ranges:
* Max Height From Table Surface                                     34″
* Min Height from Table Surface                                       8″
Heights can be adjusted based on customer part dimensions

Tailstock Features:
* Manual Retract
* Hydraulic Positioning via M code in Manual or Automatic mode
* Hydraulic Swing Away
* Dead or Live Center

Standard Equipment:
* Single stanchion machine assembly with external cutting head
* Fanuc Or Siemens 3-axis control with gear cutting software
* Oil re-circulation system with filtration for cutting head
* Hydraulic Oil Chilling System
* Gashing Arbor
* Chip Conveyor (Optional $ 15,000.00)
* Tailstock
* Half Cabin Enclosure
* 500lb Jib Crane (Optional $ 7,500.00)
* Set of Leveling Blocks
* Machine Painted to Customer’s Specifications (2 Colors).
* Standard safety guarding and warning labels.
* 2- sets documentation (hydraulic, electrical, and operator)

Control Features:
* C-Axis work table rotation
* X-Axis radial infeed
* Z-Axis axial feed
* A-Axis cutter rotation
* Custom Macro screens for easy conversational programming
* One to 3 cuts can be selected
* Crowning amounts are input by the desired amount on the flank of the gear
* Single index Milling
* Control of separate entering and exiting feed rates to optimize cycle times and cutting loads
* Selection of tailstock functions via m code
* Programmable taper cutting
* Sizing cycle feature used to make corrections to the size of a part without running through a complete multi cut cycle
* Part programs can be stored in nonvolatile memory with up to 15 characters
* RS-232, S Ram, and Ethernet communication ports. (S Ram card included)

Machine Design Features:
* Base and Column are cast Iron construction with new design improvements to maximize stiffness.
* All slide ways are hardened and ground to precision standards for accurate dependable motion and long life.
* All Axes are digitally driven with separate servo drives and absolute value encoders providing precision location at all times.
* Axis ball screw are 80mm by 10mm pitch.
* The work table is designed for maximum stiffness with hydrostatic bearing surfaces supporting the work piece loads. Table rotation powered by a separate servo drive system utilizing a worm gear design. Table position is maintained with an absolute value encoder.
* The slide ways and all other lubrication points, with exception of the cutter heads, are lubricated by an automated forced pressure lubrication system.
* The lubrication reservoir is designed for visual observation and also has an alarm system to assure maintenance of the lubrication levels.
* The cutter head is lubricated with a re-circulating oil bath. The oil bath recirculation system is a free standing above floor system servicing only the cutter heads. The re-circulation system includes filtration and oil temperature control for consistent predictable performance and long life of the cutter head gear drives.
* Self contained hydraulic system for hydraulic counter balancing of the cutter saddle, and table braking.


Will Advise


* CIF quotes available upon request

Runoff Criteria:

Installation and Training:

* This price includes the services of a factory service engineer to assist customer in set-up of machine in the US only. International installation will be quoted at additional cost. The customer is responsible for machine foundation, rigging machine in place and supplies all hook ups to power, air, and water. The factory service engineer completes installation with customer supplied assistance. The factory service engineer completes demonstration of the machine run-off, capabilities and operator instruction for a period of not to exceed 3 working days. Extended service is available at our normal service rates in effect at the time of installation.


* One (1) Year Service Warranty

* Fanuc AND / OR Siemens Controls, motors, and drives are supported with a two (1) year Mfg. part warranty

* This quotation is valid for 30 days and subject to availability


50% down payment with Purchase Order
40% Upon successful runoff at Piselli Enterprises
10% Net 30 days from Receipt of Machine

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766