S & F MODEL 126 Gear Rolling Tester for Testing large Gear SETS., Easy adjustments made to check patterns, run out, etc.

Category: GEAR TESTERS, ROLLING COMPOSITE Reference Number: 4005 Description:

Machine is designed to Roll Check large Gears & Gear Sets for Run Out and Patterning. The machine easily Adjusts Height and center distances to check your Gears using multiple manually Adjusted Axis.

Machine specifications are as follows:

Machine can check gear sets in Four (4) different Ways.

1- Gears & Sets Checked Vertically
Between Centers 
Maximum Diameter 1000mm
Maximum Center Dist between 2 gears 950mm

2- Gear & Sets Checked Vertically
On Bearing Rollers
Maximum Diameter 1100mm
Maximum Center Dist between 2 gears 950mm

3- Gears & Sets Checked Horizontally
Gears Checked Flat
Maximum Diameter 1800mm
Maximum Center Distance 1600mm

4- Gears & sets Checked Horizontally
Gears checked Flat
Maximum Diameter 2000mm
Maximum Center Distance 1280mm

This unique machine can be operated in both motorized and manual operation using vernier scales and indicators. simple readouts can be added as well very easily.

Operator training and instruction is also available locally.

Machine is available for immediate purchase and is located in our facility in Statesville NC.

Note: some Indicators on machine are old and may need replacing.  


For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766