Gleason model 102 Hypoid Gear Generator, can be inspected under power (6) available

Category: GEAR GENERATORS, BEVEL, (Spiral/Hypoid)

Reference Number: 4014


These Gleason model 102 Gear generating machines are used in the manufacture of cutting small spiral bevel Gears utilizing the Generating method. The Gleason 2a model is the older model, while this model is the more modern updated version.

These machines manufacture high precision spiral bevel gears for the Power Hand tool business, lawn and garden, and assemblies & Gear boxes requiring right angle high torque gear sets!

We have 6 Machines available!!

machine specifications: 

Diametral pitch (coarsest) 16 DP 1.6 Mod
Diametral pitch (finest) Limited only by smallest practical cutter point width
Cone Distance 0” – 2 5/16” 0 – 59mm
Workhead angle -12 deg. To 90 deg
Extreme ratio Any practical ratio
Minimum ratio for non-generated spiral bevel gears 2.5 to 1
Minimum ratio for non-generated hypoid gears 3.5 to 1
Maximum gear pitch diameter (shafts at 90 degree)
Face width ( maximum) 7/14” 11mm
Number of teeth 5-200, except prime
Diameter of taper bore,large end 1 17/32”
Taper ½” /ft
Depth of taper 3”
Diameter of hole through spindle ¾”
CUTTER DIAMETER 1.1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.75” 3.5” 28mm, 38mm, 51mm,
    70mm, 89mm
Maximum offset above centre 1” 29mm
Maximum offset below centre 1” 29mm
Max distance from machine centre to nose of spindle 5.0” 127mm
Min distance from machine centre to nose of spindle 1 ¼” 32m

Machines are equipped with the following:
1-set-up of change gears for one part
1-set of manuals
Electrical Diagrams
Misc tooling

These machines can be inspected under power in customers facility prior to removal in good running condition. Six (6) Machines are available. One machine needs work in the cutting head area

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