Fellows Model 10-4, 2-axis CNC Gear Shaper with Fanuc Powermate controls, Tailstock. only needs change gears for Number of teeth, year 2000 (two Available)

Category: GEAR SHAPERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 4023 Description:
Machine Specifications are as Follows:
 2 Machines are Available  .
  Retrofit With GE Fanuc Powermate D 2-Axis CNC Control
  Max Pitch Diameter, External 10″
  Min Pitch Diameter, Internal 10″
  Max Diametral Pitch, Spur 4 DP
  Max Diametral Pitch, Helical 5 DP
  Max Face Width 4″
  Max Helix Angle w/ 5″ Cutter 45 Deg
  Max O D of Fixture 19″
  Max Stroke Length 5″
  Max Strokes Per Minute 800 SPM
  Max Distance – Tabletop to Spindle 9″
  Feed Per Stroke .001-.040
  Cutter spindle diameter 3.543″
  Work spindle bore diameter 5.875″
  Work spindle bore depth 10″
  Table Surface to Cutter Spindle Underside
  In Uppermost Position 13.23″
  Worktable C L to Cutter Spindle CL 9.06″
  Maximum OD of fixture 19″
  Rotary Feed Per 1″ of Stroke .001″-.012″
  Rotary Feed For Multi-Pass .001-.020″
  Radial Feed Range Per Stroke .0001″-.020″
  Max Radial Feed Per Minute .12″
  Machine Dimensions 93″ x 103″
  Machine Height 101″
  Approx Machine Weight 13,000 Lbs
  GE Fanuc Powermate D 2-Axis CNC Control, 1999/2000 Retrofit W/ AC Frequency Spindle Drives
  Hydraulically Operated Cutter Guard Assembly
  Hydraulically Operated Table Fixture Clamping
  15 HP Main Drive Motor
   Lite Safety Curtains
   2-Hand Safety Start Buttons
Note: These (2) Machines were remanufactured in 2000 with Fanuc Powermate controls. The 2-axis control allows full control of feed and speeds while only the operator changes two gears in the back of the machine for index or number of teeth in the part. This is dome by simply changing only (2) two change gears in the back of the machine for different numbers of teeth. If you are running production then this should be a non issue!!

2 Machines are available. One Machine is equipped with a Tailstock and the other is not!
Machine S/N 34852-479 is equipped with the Tailstock as photographed!
Machine S/N 35754-9701 Is NOT equipped with a tailstock

Both machines have A/C Frequency Spindle drives for stroking motors

Machines can be inspected under power in our statesvile NC plant with proper notice!!

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766