Lorenz LS-424, CNC Gear Shaper, 17″ Diam, 4.7″ Stroke, 6″ stroke positioning, H&K 783 controls, 8″ riser block excellent condition. new 1997

Category: GEAR SHAPERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 4028 Description:
Machine Specifications are as follows:
Max Module 8
Max Face width (Spur Gear ) 120mm
Max Stroke length 0-137mm
Stroke Position adj Range 160mm
-Max tip diameter – External 420mm
-Max tip diameter – Internal 370mm
Max clearance from top of table 500mm
Table Diameter (6-slots) 400mm
Hole in Table 125mm
Spindle diameter 100mm

Stroke Rate:
standard stroke drive – range #1 25-200 strokes/min
– range #2 100-800 strokes/min
note: stroke ranges are infinitely variable between stroke ranges Feeds: Rotary Feed range 4800mm/min -corresponding to 25 strokes per/min 0.048-192mm/stroke -corresponding to 800 strokes per/min 0,0015-6mm/stroke Radial Feed range 2400mm/min corresponding to -25 strokes per/min 0.002-96mm/stroke -800 strokes per/min 0,0000063- 3mm/stroke Rotary Power Traverse 19 RPM Radial Power Traverse 2400 mm/min CNC axis Controlled: X- Axis Radial movement of worktable slide C-Axis Rotary movement of cutter spindle D-Axis Rotary movement of work table Z-Axis Stroke positioning setting L-Axis stroke length setting (L-axis available only with Z-axis) Main Motor 16.5 Kw (3200rpm) connected Load 45 KVA Machine Weight 8500 kg – Machine is equipped with the following: H&K 783s 5 axis CNC Controller CNC prgrammable panel screen on main electrical panel 200 mm Riser Block Spur Guide cutter adaptors program in inch and metric hyd table clamping table splash guarding books and Manuals – Machine can be inspected in customers plant for a short time only before removal call to set up an inspection or receive machine catalog on file!!

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