Gould & Eberhardt model 72H Gear hobber, 90″ Diam. Cap. 24″ Face, 40″ table Diam, Differential, Infeed, Pinion Support / Tailstock.

Category: GEAR HOBBERS, VERTICAL – See Also H4500

Reference Number: 4029


Machine Catalog Specifications are as Follows:

Max. DP in Steel                                          1.5 DP
Face Capacity                                              24
Max. Dia Spur Gear w/ Support                     48″
Max. Height under tailstock center 45″
Max. Dia Spur Gear w/o Support                90″
Max. Dia Helical Gear w/o Sup (45 Deg)  90″
Min Centers Work & Hob Arbors                3″
Max. Diameter Hob                                       10.75″
Diameter of Work Table                              40″
Diameter of Index Worm Gear                    48″
Hob Speed Ranges                                        6 – 100 RPM
Feed Range                                                  .03 – .200″
Main Motor                                                  20 HP
Approx. Dimensions                                       90 ” x 207″
Height with Overarm                                    140″
Approx. Weight                                            42,000 Lbs

*Rapid Traverse
*Tailstock W/ Center for Pinions
*Hob Arbor (1-1/4″ diam.)
*Large assortment of gears
*Work fixture Riser.
*Operators Manual 

Machine is in very good mechanical condition!

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