Gould & Eberhardt model 48HWD, Re-built !!40″ Diam. Cap, 2 DP, 20″ axial travel, 32″ Diam Table,8″ Diam Hob, Differential , Infeed. NEW PLC. UPDATED ELECTRICS !!Good condition! inspect under power

Category: GEAR HOBBERS, VERTICAL – See Also H4500 Reference Number: 4030 Description:

Gould & Eberhardt Gear Hobbing machine
Model 48HWD (heavy duty) s/n

This machine is equipped with the Heavy duty worm drive head for cutting coarse pitch gears.
the machine is equipped with a tailstock, the the deeper column provides more rigidity , but does limit the maximum diameter gear to be cut down to 40″ diameter. please keep this in mind when selecting this machine for your diameter requirements

Machine Catalog Specifications are as Follows:

*Max Rated Diametral Pitch         2 DP
*Face Capacity-Spur and Pinion Gears 18″
*Face Capacity-45 Deg Helical Gear 14″
*Max Diameter-Spur Gear with Support 32″
*Max Diameter-spur Gear with no Support 40″
*Min Centers Work and Hob Arbors 4″
*Max Diameter Hob 8″
*Hob Speed         37-235
*Diameter Work Table         32″
*Net Weight (Full Equipment) 21,925 lbs

*Heavy Duty Worm Drive Hob Head
* 20/N
*(1) Hob Arbor (1-1/4″)
*Change Gears
*Pushbutton Controls
*Work Fixture
*Operators Manual

Machine can be inspected under power in good running condition in our shop.

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766