Escofier Incremex 300 E Spline Roller remanufactured in 2011, 45mm part Diameter, 300mm forming dies Diam., 100mm forming dies width.With Siemens samatic controls. w/ pendant. Remanufactured in 2011 by OEM, Excellent condition!

Category: GEAR SPLINE ROLLERS – See Also S6348 Reference Number: 4033 Description:

Escofier Incremex 300E Spline Roller
Mfg new in 1981 but re-manufactuerd in 2011 by original OEM

For the production splines and gears on shafts.

Machine Specifications are as Follows:

* Maximum Parts Diameter                                 45mm
* Maximum Forming Dies Diameter                   300mm
* Minimum Forming Dies Diameter                    260mm
* Maximum Forming Dies Width                        100mm
* Maximum Shafts Width                                    150mm
* Maximum Center Lines Of Forming Dies        340mm
* Minimum Center Lines Of Forming Dies         297.5mm
* Diametral Pitch Range-SAE-Pitch                    6/32
* Module Metric                                                   1.58
* Drive Power                                                       28kw
* Dimensions                                                        (LxWxH)^3275mm x 2090mm x 2270mm
* Weight(approx)                                                   9500kg

Machine equipped with the following:
*Siemens Simatic Multi Panel  Touch pendant control
*New Electrics
*One Set of Roll Dies on machine
*Rebuilt and Remanufactured by original OEM in 2011
*Full Guarding

Note: machine remanufactured by Original OEM  in 2011. for a cost of approximately $250,000. to be supplied to GM, but deal never materialized. Machine shipped to our warehouse in 2013-14

Machine video available upon request!

Machine is in Excellent Mechanical condition
For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: Phone: 704.609.0766