Fellows Model 18-5 Gear Shaper. 18″ max Diam. 6″ stroke, 5″ Face, 7.5″ Column Positioning, auto cycle, cutter at top , gears and tooling

Category: GEAR SHAPERS Reference Number: 4040 Description:
This Fellows Model 18-5 machine is a very  Unique & Rigid machine. It has the vertical cutter slide feature of 7.5″ of travel which allows you to bring your stroking spindle up and down and into parts. Tricky internal hubs are easily cut with this style machine. No need to spend big $$ Dollars on later model CNC Shapers if this machine can do your parts!!

Machine Specifications as follows:

Maximum Diameter External 18″
Maximum Diameter Internal 18″
Maximum Stroke length 6″
Maximum Face Width  5″
Maximum Column Vertical Stroke Positioning 7.5
Maximum Pitch Spur Gear 3 DP
Maximum Pitch Helical Gear 4 DP (with proper guides)
Max Helical angle depends on cutter and Guide 45 degrees
Spindle Diameter 4″
Stroking speed range 30-440 SPM
Table Diameter 13
Hole in Table 5.87″
Centerline of spindle to Centerline of Table  0″ – 14″
Cutter Slide height above table Min/ Max 10″ / 17.5″
Max OD of part fixture 24″
Power requirements 460v /3/60
Machine Dimensions L x H x W 12′ x 8′ x 6′ wide
Machine weight  18,000 Lbs

 Machine is equipped with the following:
* Column Stroke postioning of 6″
* Cutter at Top
* Auto cycles
* Ball screw on Infeed
* Driven by 7 A/C Electric motors
* Cutter Adaptor
* Misc Change Gears
* Misc tooling
* Electrical Panel
* Hydraulic Unit
* operators and parts Manuals

** This machine is a very rigid production style machine. the upper assembly providing the stroke postioning can be moved up and down almost  7.5″ to get in and out of hard to reach parts, along with its 6″ stroke Length capacity it’s a must for any production house or job shop!!

Machine can be inspected under power with proper notice in our NC Warehouse.

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766