HOFLER RAPID Model 800 XLK CNC Gear grinder , installed in 2014 , machine equipped Standard grinding head and with Internal grinding attachment. in plant ready for inspection. tons of options, very low hours !! call for inspection

Category: GEAR GRINDERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 4045 Description:



Machine specifications and options as follows:

Technical Machine Data
Operating Range:
Gear outside diameter max 800 mm
Gear root diameter           min           0 mm
Working Stroke max            1500 mm
Working Range above table min – max   350 – 1850 mm
Stroke length of tailstock max            1500 mm
Profile height           max           60/20 mm
Module (max. module is within the limits
of profile height/grinding wheel width)      min – max                              approx 0.5 – 26 mm   
Pivoting angle grinding wheel  max           45 / + 120 deg
Grinding wheel speed max        17000 RPM
Tangential shift length of Z – axis max 220 mm
Grinding spindle drive power max 38.5 kW
Grinding wheel outside diameter max 300/120/75 mm
Grinding wheel shoulder diameter min    110/54/34 mm
Grinding wheel width max           60/20 mm
Stroke speed max   12000 mm/min
Work piece table speed min – max        0 – 45 RPM
Work piece table load max 3000 kg
Work piece diameter 500 mm
Table Bore, diameter x depth    210 x 700 mm
Mains supply fuse approx. 60 kVA
Total Machine weight approx.           23,000 kg
Machine spare requirements approx. 5.0 x 7.1 x 3.2 m
Machine Color Housing RAL 7035 Light Grey
Machine Color Doors RAL 3002 Red

Machine Control: 
Siemens / Sinumerik CNC for 6 axis with MCU PIII 933 MHz CPU, integrated PLC 317-2 DP, safety function and safety integrated for protection of persons and machine.
Control panel with integrated PC Sinumerik PC U50.3 with Intel technology 1.5 GHz and operating system Windows XP.  Connections for printer and USB port, professional bus interface and Ethernet on-board.  Oil and dirt resistant 19” flat control panel OP15A with 15.1” TFT color display, integrated key pad, mouse and front USB port.  Machine control board MSTT MCP483 with key pad, emergency stop button and offset switches for the control of machine functions.
Additional manual operating unit with electronic hand wheel and emergency stop button for the control of some machine functions.  Drives are equipped with digital frequency converter system SIMODRIVE 611D.

Includes complete Hofler RAPID 800 XLK User Manual and Documentation.

-Can be inspected under power in perfect operating condition
-is being sold in “As is” condition and there is no implied warranty whatsoever
-Shipping / INCO Terms: Ex Works 
-Shipping and customs charges responsibility of purchaser.
-Dismantling securing and loading of machine is responsibility of purchaser
-all items to be inspected and confirmed prior to purchase. list is only a guide!

Payment terms: 100% Payment “in full” required before dismantling  and/or shipment.

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