Fellows Model 20-4 cnc 3-Axis Retrofit quotation and scope of work for Remanufacturing and Re-controlling w/ options for the standard model machine.

Category: GEAR SHAPERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 4047 Description:
Fellows 3 Axis cnc Retrofit & Re-Manufacture Proposal for a Standard Mechanical Gear Shaper
Model 20-4  with Fanuc model 0I-F Controller

Machine Standard Specifications as follows:  

Max pitch diameter (External) 20″
Max pitch diameter (Internal) 20″
Max face width, external & internal 4″
Max diametrical pitch spur 4 DP
Max diametrical pitch helical 5 DP
Table Diameter 20″
Bore through work spindle 9.055″
Cutter spindle diameter 3.543″
Stroking speeds ——–
Max helix angle with special guides 45 deg.
Distance between work table
 & cutter spindle (w/no riser) 12″
Dimensions (L x H x W) 126″x 117″x 70″
Machine net weight, approx. 18,000 lbs.

Equipment Features:
* Fanuc Oi-MF Control
* 20 HP spindle motor with programmable AC variable drive to control stroking speed
* Stroking speeds from 50-900; other SPM available upon request
* Standard spur guide.
* X axis Ballscrew infeed system will be re-manufactured
* X axis absolute scale will be installed
* 1 Cutter spindle back off cam will be furnished

Scope of work for the re-manufactured machine
* Machine is completely torn down , stripped, cleaned and removed of all non-used components
* remaining parts are inspected for quality for re-use and/or replacement depending on condition
* certain components are re-machined for new assemblies and fitting purposes
* New parts and components are ordered based on need
* Re-manufactured table group and upper saddle assembly are fitted
* X-Axis box ways reground and fitted
* Work table surface reground and installed
* New electrical cabinet with air conditioning and wiring system is installed
* New 3/4 HP coolant pump installed
* 1-set documentation (hydraulic, electrical, mechanical)

Control Features:
* C-Axis work table rotation
* X-Axis work table infeed
* B-Axis cutter spindle rotation
* Programmable stroking speeds
* Cutter at top feature
* Custom Macro screens for easy conversational programming
* One to five cuts can be selected
* Segment cutting
* Single index and/or slot cutting
* Sizing cycle feature used to make corrections to the size of a part without running through a complete multi cut cycle
* Part programs can be stored in nonvolatile memory with up to 15 characters
* RS-232, S Ram, and Ethernet communication ports
* Fanuc Robot Interface

Hydraulic System:
* Integral to the machine providing lubrication and pressures for tailstock and work clamping if required
* Trabon lubrication system with feedback sensors for lube pulse monitoring

Machine Options available at additional cost:
– additional Riser height assemblies for taller parts (POR)
– Standard Tailstock (POR)
– Swing-away style Tailstock (POR)
– Robot Interface (POR)
– Part loading system (POR)
– Turn -Key Project (POR)
– Chip conveyor (POR)
– Hydraulic table clamping (POR)
– Full cabin enclosure (POR)
– Safety Interlocks (POR)
– Light Curtains (POR)
– CE Labeling (POR)

* Standard Piselli Ent 20 piece part Run-off for Quality included in price at Piselli Enterpises location prior to shipment 

** Machine comes complete and ready to run.

** Standard Delivery 90-120 days from Receipt of PO and Down Payment
-Note: delivery can vary based on receipt of OEM purchased parts
** Terms:
-50% down with order
-40% after successful Run-off at Piselli Enterprises and prior to shipment
-10% Balance due after Installation at customers plant not to exceed 30 days 

**** Machine comes as a complete unit and requires minimal setup

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