Fassler CNC Gear Honer model K-300, for honing both internal & External gear teeth up to 9″ diameter x 6″ width x 40″ workpiece length, machine is equipped with siemens 840C


Reference Number: 4051


This Fassler cnc Gear hone has been designed for the finishing of automotive and high performance gearing for many industries. honing can be done after heat treatment to arrive at the quality finish you require using properly designed honing materials

*Machine specifications are as follows:

Work piece Diameter Max/Min 180/5 mm
Work piece Length Max 1000 mm
Gear teeth Width  Max. 120 mm
Module Range 0.3-6 mm
Pressure Angle (alpha) Max /Min 40/14 degree
Helix Angle (beta) Max. (left or Right) 30 degree
*Work piece weights:
-Externally toothed Between centers 20 kg
-Externally toothed cantilevered 20 kg
-Internally toothed incl. clamping chuck 50 kg
* check with Fassler AG for flank modifications: Tip relief, Profile Crowning, Longitudinal Crowning
and conical
Honing Stone Measurements
External Diameter Max 300 mm
Honing Stone Widths 24/30/40/50/60 mm
Internal Diameter Min. 220 mm
Machine dimensions
Length x width x Height 2410 x 2300 x 2465
floor space required 4600 x 4600
weight 4600 kg
*Machine equipped with
siemens sinumeric 840C controller
swiveling pendant control
control cabinet
hydraulic unit
oil mist collection
*This machine can be inspected in customers facility in very good condition.
call for full specifications and copy of manuals for review and machine functionality study
for your specific requirements. These general specs should only be used as a guide for further

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