Kapp Model RNS-581 5-Axis CNC CBN Gear Grinder for Rotors. 12.5″ diam x 76″ length between centers. 40″ max grind length. 360 deg. Head swivel Kapp D200 control, hoffman filtration and cooling system new 1998 Under Power

Category: GEAR GRINDERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 4067 Description:
This Kapp Model RNS-583 5 -Axis CNC Gear grinder has been set up to Manufacture some of the highest Quality Rotors for large air compressors. this machine has many features and can also manufacture high quality Gears, Splines,  Pinions and other cylindrical gearing.

The machine utilizes CBN wheels as it does not have a CNC dressing system presently.

Machine can also handle exceptionally long shafts as well

Machine capacities are as follows:
Max Rotor Diameter 12.5″/ 320mm
Minimum Lead 0.1mm
Maximum Lead 1000 und
Max grinding wheel diam 10″ / 250mm Max grinding length 39″ / 1000mm Max Part Length between centers 12.5″ diam 60″ / 1524mm Max Part Length between centers 8.5″ diam 76″ / 1930mm Max grind position from work spindle 56″ / 1422mm Grinding spindle speeds w/ support 800-4000 RPM Grinding Motor speed 21000 RPM Grinding spindle motor 20/31 Kw/kVA Max axis resolutions 0.0001 mm 5 Axis measurement speeds X-axis Grinding Slide 740mm 16452 mmpm Y-axis Table Slide 290mm 5000 mmpm Z-axis Z-slideof grinding head 170mm 3250 mmpm A-axis Index unit 360 degree 7200 deg/min B-axis Swivel plate of grinding head 90 +/- degree 1500 deg/min Machine power req 460 VAC Machine Floor Space 22′ x 22′ Machine weight 26,000 lbs Machine is equipped with the following -5 axis D200 Kapp control with Indramat MDD Motors & Drives -probing – multiple spindles with different configurations -full Enclosure -misc parts, tooling & workholding -Hoffmann filtration DZ40/150 with Siemens COROS OP15 PLC -Full books and manuals inspect machine under power for a short time only (2 machines available ) 2nd machine is the same only that it is shorter in grind lenth and center distances!! Inqire !! For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766