Fellows Model Z Horizontal Gear shaper, 17″ diameter internal x 5″ face, 17″ hole through the table, face plate , cutter adaptor, for long shafts needing splines on the end.

Category: GEAR SHAPERS Reference Number: 4069 Description:

This Fellows Model Z Horizontal Gear shaper cuts gears with shafts held in the Horizontal position. the machine has a large hole through the work table allowing it the ability to cut large pinions and shafts which are supported out the back of the machine. different size journal supports can be adapted to hold unique sized parts.

Machine general specifications are as follows:

Max diameter spline cut external 8.5″
Max Diameter gear cut internal 17″
Max pitch 4/5
Max Face Capacity 5″
Max hole through the work table 17″

Machine is equipped with the following
spur guide
1 cutter adaptor for button style cutters
face plate on work spindle
1 set-up of change gears for one part
Machine manual

machine can be inspected under power with proper notice in out Statesville NC plant

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766