Fellows model 7125A, 7″ max Diameter x 2″ Face, 1″ riser , Hollow spindle, variable speed, internal attach, 2-cut cam, 440/220 volt power. Inspect under power statesville NC

Category: GEAR SHAPERS Reference Number: 4070 Description:
This fellows model 7125A came out of a gear company supplying Aerospace quality Parts. the machine is in excellent condition and can be inspected under power in our statesville NC facitlity

machine specifications are as follows:

*Max Pitch Diameter External 7″
*Max Pitch Diameter Internal 5-1/2″
*Face Width External 2″
*Max Face Width Internal 1.5″
*Max Diametric Pitch -Spur Gears 6
*Max Diametric Pitch-Helical  6/8
*Max Helix Angle With proper Guides 45 degrees

1″ riser assembly
Internal attachment
hollow spindle
variable speed motor
2-cut Cam
misc change gears

inspect machine under power in our statesville NC Plant!! For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766