Chamfermatic Model twin spindle gear Duburring machines, machine is equipped with full enclosure , automatic door, three jaw universal chucks, PLC controls new 2000’s

Category: GEAR CHAMFERING, POINTING, ROUNDING – See Also G2004 Reference Number: 4073 Description:  
Chamfermatic  Twin Spindel Gear Deburring machine
these compact gear deburring machines are a must for every gear shop. the machines are equipped with either 2 or 3 spindle configurations which allow you to use simple air deburr tools or brushes which follow the gear tooth profile as it rotates inside a fully enclosed work area . The PLC completes the cycle by raising the auto door, while at work,  and lowering it for removal once complete.

Machine General specs are as follows:

Max diameter gear 14″
Max height of gear 10″
Max vertical adjustment of heads 7″
Max head swivel adjustment 180 degrees

Machines are equipped with the following:
2 mounting postions for air units
2 air operated heads 
1- 3 jaw universal work holding fixture for internal or external clamping
automatic door
PLC control for auto cycles
Blower Filter
full enclosure
Electrical prints

Machine can be inspected in our facility in NC. with proper notice!

Machine is sold cleaned painted and cycled!

call to set up an under power inspection today.

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