Anderson Cook Marand Spline roller Model 330S, 24″ rack length, with loading arm & Siemens PLC control, Excellent condition, call for full quote and details

Category: GEAR SPLINE ROLLERS – See Also S6348 Reference Number: 4080 Description:

This A/C Marand Model 330S Was re-manufactured in the Late1990’s. The machine has just been removed from service and we are awaiting delivery to our plant

General specifications for the machine are incomplete at this time 

Rack Length 24″
Max Pitch 16/32 DP 

Machine Power 460Volt/ 3 phase
total load 40 amps/ 60 amps

Machine is Equipped with the following:

Auto loading system (grabbed parts off conveyor)
Overarm Side loading arm
Hydraulic System
Siemens Pendant PLC control

Note: please send part print to confirm capability

Machine can be inspected in our  Statesville NC  Plant. Machine is in excellent condition and came from running service. it still has original Rack Tooling from Anderson Cook on part it was running!!

call to set up an Inspection today!
For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: Phone: 704.609.0766