Wera Profilator Model RM-130, for deburring and chamfering, etc, siemens CNC controls , auto loading, 2 available , new 2002 it is a Polygon machine for slots and crowns, SEE EXAMPLES!!

Category: GEAR CHAMFERING, POINTING, ROUNDING – See Also G2004 Reference Number: 4081 Description:

Wera Profilator Model RM-130 New 2002

These Wera Profilator machines are in excellent condition as taken from service.
the machines were set up to unload and off load onto conveyors, which are included.
They produce parts called POLYGONS or crowns and slots SEE ATTACHED EXAMPLES!

machines can handle the following:

slots and crowns on parts which are approximately 5″ in diameter. 
these cnc machines can cut and machine these parts in 40-50 seconds each
equipped with siemens controls

actual machine specifications are not available , but if a part print can be sent we let you know if the machine can produce that part .

let us know your needs for additional gear machines
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