Liebherr Model LC-282 6-axis CNC Gear hobber, Retrofit with Siemens model 828 cnc control, gone through and refurbished as needed. retrofit for 2019

Category: GEAR HOBBERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 4093 Description:
This Liebherr Model LC-282 CNC Gear Hobber is being Quoted as a retrofit machine
age : 2002

Machine to be upfit with Siemens 828D control, motors & drives. Work to be performed as described below. Machine also comes with automatic loading system which can be used or set up manually as required. the programming with allow this feature as well.

Machine specifications are as follows:

Maximum modul hobbed 7 mm
Minimum Number of teeth 4
Maximum Hob Diameter 160 mm
Maximum Hob Length 230 mm
Maximum Hob Speed 1100 Rrm
Hob Head Swivel Range +/- 45
Table Diameter 230 mm
Maximum workpiece table load 18kn

Maximum working ranges:
centerline of Hob to centerline of Table 230 mm
Maximum Part Diam. (depends on style of loading and  Hob diameter used) 
Axial cutting length 350 mm
Cutting Range above table 100 mm
Max Tailstock height above table 840 mm
Min Tailstock height above table 390 mm

Machine Electrics 460V / 60 HZ
Control Voltage 24 Volts
Max Nominal Current 56 amps

Machine is equipped with the following:
Liebherr CNC LH-90 Controls (To be retrofit with New Siemens control. motors and drives!
Dry-Cutting and/ or Wet Option
Hob arbor (1.5″ Diameter)
Auto load system with carousel and 180 degeee loader
misc loading tooling , grippers , pucs , etc
Hydraulic table clamping
Chip Conveyor

Scope of work to be done for CNC Retrofit and partial mechanical Rebuild:

  1. Machine will be retrofitted with Siemens 828D ADVANCE 6-Axis CNC Control having the following 6-Axis [ A-B-C-X-Y-Z ]
  2. All electrical items such as , MCB, MPCB , Relay Board , Switch and Socket in the panel will be new and complete rewiring for the same will be done.
  3. Make of all MCP & MPCB to be of Siemens.
  4. Make of Electrical cable to be of LAPP.
  5. Electrical Panel to be used of 1600mm x 800mm x 1200mm.
  6. New Siemens Servo motors for all AXIS will be installed as per configuration.
  7. New Coupling to be used for Servo motor mounting.
  8. All hydraulic and Lubrication test will be conducted on the machine.
  9. All Ball Screw, Bearings, Slides and other critical assemblies will be checked thoroughly.
  10. Complete replacement of Cutter Spindle Bearing with New Bearings.
  11. Hob Support Bearings to be replaced with New Bearings.
  12. New Zero Backlash Gear Box to be implemented to give drive to Z-Axis via Servo Motor, the Make of Gear Box will be Bonfiligoli.


  13. All end support bearing of X-Axis to be replaced with new
  14. All End Support Bearing of Z-Axis to be replaced with new
  15. Ballscrew of X/Y/Z Axis to be checked thoroughly for backlash , Original to be used unless found backlash.
  16. Laser Calibration of all CNC Axis to be done.
  17. Pick and Place Auto Loader to be provided for Gear components only.
  18. Auto Loader to be provided along with Loading Conveyor.
  19. New Induction Motor and Gear Box to be used in Loading Conveyor.
  20. Power Failure Retraction of X-Axis to be configured via CNC System.
  21. Existing Hydraulic and Coolant unit will be provided after necessary rectification.
  22. All hose pipes will be replaced with new pipes. Make will be Parker.
  23. Oil Seal be replaced as and where in required.
  24. One Set of Hob Arbor to be provided along with machine.
  25. Fixtures, components, and tools to be provided by customer.
  26. New lubrication lines to be laid according to current design of machine.
  27. New Lubrication unit to be used of make CenLube.
  28. Replacement of All Solenoid Valves.
  29. Installation for New Pressure Gauge for interlocking in system.
  30. Installation of New Pressure Switch for interlocking in CNC System.
  31. Installation of New Level Switch for interlocking in CNC System.
  32. Component Trials will be given at our site and required accuracies will be proven out.
  33. NEW Panel A/C will be provided with the machine.
  34. New Coolant Pump to be provided.
  35. Original Chip Conveyor will be provided with the machine.
  36. Induction Motor of Chip Conveyor to be replaced.
  37. Standard programming as per the CNC System. Special/Custom screen available as per cost and needs to be discussed in advance.
  38. Machine will be painted according to the RAL Code provided by you.
  39. Taper Cutting , Crowning Cutting and Tandem Cutting program will be standard and made available with machine.
  40. All Axis will be calibrated as per the standard Geometrical Requirement
  41. New Tower Light will be installed.
  42. New working lamp will be installed inside the machine.
  43. New hand wheel will be provided with system
  44. The CRT will be installed on a powder coated aluminum sheet with all necessary Push Button and labels.


Machine delivery:
 3- Months from receipt of Down payment and PO. 

-Customer run-off of part prior to acceptance on rebuilders floor.
-Part print and specifications are to be submitted at time of order for confirmation, not to exceed 5 pieces unless agreed on order in writing!
-Customer is required to supply proper fixturing and quality blanks for run-off 
-Turn-key option can be quoted for this at additional cost
-Machine is sold FOB Rebuilders Plant and all freight is customers responsibility

1 year warranty on parts for control motors and drives installed.
6 months on mechanical items repaired and not caused by operator error

30% down with order
70% prior to loading after signed and approved part run-off

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: Phone: 704.609.0766