FELLOWS Model 36-6 Gear shaper with cutter elevation , 32″ High riser, 42″ swing , 40″ diameter capacity , 6″ stroke , Inspect 3 DP, machine is in excellent running condition. Inspect in Statesville NC

Category: GEAR SHAPERS Reference Number: 4106 Description:
FELLOWS High Rise Gear shaping machine
Model 36-6 
s/n 34826

This machine was taken out of service in very good operating condition, It is equipped with a 32″ High Riser assembly for very tall parts. The machine is also equipped with cutter Elevation whivh allows you to disengage the spindle to get up and out of the part when entering and existing the work area.

* Maximum Pitch Diameter External 40″
* Maximum Pitch Diameter Internal 36″
* Maximum Workpiece & Fixture Diameter 40″
* Maximum Face Width          6″
* Stroke Length          6″
* Maximum Helix Angle 45 deg
* Maximum Diametral Pitch
-For Spur Gears          3 DP
-For Helical          4/5 DP
* Work Spindle Bore Diameter 5.875″
* Twelve (12) Stroking Speeds, w/ranges 18-300 spm
* Machine Dimensions          92″x 60″x 120″H
* Machine Weight, Approx.         23,000 Lbs

Machine Is Equipped With:
32″ Riser
Cutter Elevation
Pendent control 
5″ spindle diameter
Hydraulic table assist 
Misc. Change Gears
1 Cutter Adapter

Machine can be inspected under power with proper notice. additional adaptors can be purchased. send us your part prints to confirm what you require on this machine

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