Fellows model 10-2 Gear shaping machine , 10″ diameter , 2″ stroke, cutter at top , 1260 spm, machine to be gone through, good running condition, Inspect under power in NC

Category: GEAR SHAPERS Reference Number: 4119 Description:

FELLOWS Gear shaping machine
Model 10-2 ,  S/N 35657

Machines are to be gone through by Piselli Enterprises and delivered in excellent working condition
contact us regarding the work to be done on these machines and checked for accuracy.

machine specifications are as follows:
Max. External & Internal Pitch Dia                     10″ 
Max. Face Width, External                                  2″ 
Max. Diametral Pitch, Spur                                 4 DP 
Max. Diametral Pitch, Helical                             5 DP 
Bore through work spindle                                  5.875″ 
Spindle Diameter                                                 3.543″ 
Distance between work table and cutter spindle 10″ 
Max. Helix Angle with Standard Guides            45 degrees 
Max. OD of Fixture                                             19″ 
Dimensions                                                          119″L x 97″H x 53″D 
Approx. weight                                                    11,000 lbs.

0″ Riser
2″ Stroke Capacity
1260 strokes per min (high Speed)
Cutter at Top 
Hydraulic Tank
1 Cutter Adapter
Misc. Change Gears

Machine can be inspected in excellent condition with proper notice. Give us a call today for more info and to learn about our refurbishing program  For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766