Gould & Eberhardt Model 120-GH 3 Axis CNC Gashing Machine, 150″ Diam, Can extend to 8 Meter!! 55″ Max Face, 1 DP- 1/2 DP., Fanuc 18I Controls, Demo Machine , LIKE NEW CONDITION!!!! Call for More Info and options

Category: GEAR CUTTERS, GASHERS (Incl. CNC) – See Also G1604 Reference Number: 4141 Description:


Note:Machine can be Extended to 8 meters with additional purchased options**

This Machine has just been purchased By Piselli Enterprises Inc. along with all the intellectual property of RP Machine whom originally Purchased G&E in 2005. The machine was manufactured for a particular customer for 2.3 million and order was cancelled. Machine has been tied up in litigation and now is available for Immediate sale!! This machine Has only been used as a Demo machine and has only cut test parts its entire service life. the machine can be optioned out with a heavy duty external gashing head  & Spacer to mfg gears up to 8 Meters in diameter. machine is presently set up to produce Spur gears only for both internal and external gearing.

Machine Capacities:

Max Gear Diameter                                      150″
Max Gear Diameter (optional) (320″**)
Max Face width                                             55″
Max Internal Gear Diameter                         155″
Min Internal Gear Diameter                           40″
Max Pitch                                                       1 DP
Max Pitch (optional) (.75 DP**)

Machine Specifications and dimensions:
Diameter of work Table                                 102″
Bore Diameter in Work Table                         29″
Maximum load on Table                                 50 Ton
Table worm Gear Diameter                             96″
Number of Teeth                                              inf variable
Power requirements                                         480V 3 Phase, 60Hz
Pneumatic requirements                                   80 CFM at 90 PSI

G&E Gasher with Standard Equipment:
Fanuc 18I- B Pendant Control with Gear gashing Software
Oil Recirculation w/ filtration
Oil Chilling System
Split 2-Piece table/ Stanchion Design
Single Stanchion machine assembly
Gashing Arbor
Chip Conveyor
Work Stands
Internal Cone for chip evacuation

Control Features
* C-Axis  (Work Table Rotation)
* X-Axis  (Radial Infeed)
* Z-Axis  (axial Feed)
* Fanuc Spindle motor for Cutter Rotation

Programs Feature:
-Custom Macro Screens for Easy Conversational Programming
-1 – 3 Cut cycle programming
– Crowning amounts are input by the desired amount on the flank of the gear
– Single Index Milling 
– Programmable Taper
– Sizing cycle Feature ( allows you to cut small numbers of teeth to make corrections)
– RS-232 , S Ram Card storage and Ethernet ports

Machine is equipped with the following Gashing Head as standard equipment:
(4.1) G&E Standard External Gashing Head
With 40 KW Spindle Motor

Head Capacities:
Maximum Gear Diameter                                        200″
Maximum Pitch Gashing                                         1 DP
Maximum shift Tangential                                       0″
Maximum Cutter Diameter                                       18″
Maximum Cutter Width                                             5″
Maximum Spindle speed                                           0-125 RPM

(Optional) Internal Gashing Head
(5.2) G&E Standard Internal Gashing Head
Utilizing same 40 KW  Spindle Motor,
w/ Direct Hook up with Quick Change Features

Internal Head capacities:
Minimum internal Gear Gear Clearance               32″
Maximum tooth pitch                                            1.5 DP (17 Mod)
Maximum Face width                                            14.2″
Maximum Throat Distance                                    17″
Spindle speed                                                         0-125 RPM
Maximum cutter Diameter                                     16″
Maximum Cutter Width                                          90mm

(Optional) External Gashing Head
(5.3) Modul Heavy duty External Gashing Head **

Head Capacities:
Maximum Gear Diameter                                        320″
Maximum Pitch Gashing                                         0.75 DP
Maximum shift Tangential                                       0″
Maximum Cutter Diameter                                       20″
Maximum Cutter Width                                             5″
Maximum Spindle speed                                           0-125 RPM

The 5.3 Head needs to be purchased to be able to cut the larger gears up to 8 meter capacity as well as gears with a pitch larger than 1 DP


Machine is presently designed as a Pit Mount machine, where the table is flush with the floor
This machine is being supplied with the Standard External Gashing Head model (4.1) described above as noted.

Machine is being sold with all misc tooling , fixtures and cutters purchased by customer for this machine!!!

Price includes loading on customers trucks 

Installation can be quoted based on a pit or floor mount positioning. It can be quoted as a complete job or on an hourly basis. Customer is responsible for all rigging , unloading, foundation work and cat walk. Piselli Enterprises would quote for supplying the labor for completing the machine wiring , hook-up, and final installation, once machine is properly placed in its final position. Piselli enterprises can also quote the Operator training as well on site . 

 Machine is sold on a first come basis,

-90% down with order and prior to shipment
-Balance due 30 days after shipment, or installation if Piselli ent. is contracted to install.

Original foundation drawings and manuals are also included with machine purchase.

We look forward to discussing the options we have for this machine and know that this proven design will be an excellent addition to any gear shop!

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766