Barber Colman model 16-16 horizontal gear hobber , 16″ diam x 16″ part length, C-frame style machine, timken spindle bearings, hob shift , large bore, screw type center, push button controls

Category: GEAR HOBBERS, HORIZONTAL – See Also H4500 Reference Number: 4153 Description:

Barber Colman Horizontal Gear Hobber
Model 16-16 C-Frame style machine
S/N 4364

This machine is of later vintage C-Frame style machine. V-way construction and timken style spindle Bearings. The machine with C-Frame Style allows you to hold longer shafts between centers. it also has all of the later model design B-C features.

Machine specifications are as follows:

*Max DP in Steel 6 DP-10 DP
*Max Work OD 16″
*Max Hob Slide Travel         16″
*Diameter Hole Thru Work Spindle 4-/1/8″
*Max Hob Diameter 5″
*Max Distance Face of Work Spindle to 
  Tail Bracket         29″
*Max Vertical Adjustment of Work Spindle 8″
*Distance C/L Work Spindle to Underside of
  Overarm 8″
*Distance C/L Work Spindle to C/L of Hob Spindle
  Max/Min 8.75″/0.75″
*Distance Face of Work Spindle to C/L of Hob
  Spindle Max/Min         19.5″/3.5″
*Max Hob Slide Swivel Angle Setting-Degrees
  L or R         45 degrees
*9 Hob Speeds 59-246 RPM
*Hob Feeds         .0075-.1125″

C-Frame style machine
V-way construction
Timkenized spindle bearings
1 Hob Arbor
Hob Shift
Dual Lead worm
Screw type center
large bore option
Push Button controls
Misc. Change Gears 

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