Reishauer Model RZ-300E CNC Gear Grinder. 12″ max diameter, .4″ Min Diameter, 7.1″ Max slide stroke, 29.5″Max center distance , equipped with crowning , dressing , in plantiunder power, Excellent !

Category: GEAR GRINDERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 4161 Description:

Model RZ-300E  S/N will advise New 1988

This high precision Gear grinding machine is presently running high accuracy printing press gears. the customer is purchasing new reishauer machines which have made these machines available. Come inspect these machines under power in excellent operation 

Maximum tip diameter                                                        11.8″ (300mm)
Minimum root diameter                                                     3.9″ (10mm)
Minimum/maximum number of teeth ground                   256 / 7
Maximum tooth face                                                           7.1″ (180mm)
Maximum chucking length                                                  16.5″ (420mm)
Maximum pitch (module)                                                    5.08 (5 module)
Minimum pitch (module)                                                    48 DP (0.5 module)
Maximum helix angle                                                          + – 45 degrees
Max weight of work piece & fixture                                  110 lbs(50 kG)
Grinding wheel dimensions:
– Maximum diameter                                                           13.78″ (350mm)
– Minimum diameter                                                           10.63″ (270mm)
– Max./min. width of wheel                                                 3.3″/2.4″ (84/62mm)
Speed of grinding worm during grinding with
frequency transformer (stepless )                                      1100-1900 rpm
Speed of grinding worm during profiling                           52-90 rpm
Infeed per revolution of work piece
(stepless)                                                                               0.2″/.012″ (0.6/3mm)
Automatic withdrawal of grinding worm                            1.96″(50mm)
Maximum tangential shifting of workpiece                       2.76″(70mm)
Connected electrical total                                                   15 KVA
Voltage                                                                                  50 Hz 3x 380 Volt
Net weight of machine                                                        (approx.) 9,240 lbs (4200 kg)
Gross weight seaworthy                                                      (approx.) 11,220 lbs (5100 kg)
Floor space required                                                            16′ x 19′(500x600cm)

Reishauer SPA Dressing Unit
Full Guarding
Coolant and Filtration Unit
Electrical Panel
Misc. Tooling, wheels , Flanges, Etc.
Crowning cams (2 sets)
Books and Manuals

Machine can be inspected under power in excellent operating condition. Test charts can be provided upon inspection for purchaser’s viewing. We look forward to showing you this machine and are sure you will be satisfied with its condition. its avaialble for immediate sale!

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: Phone: 704.609.0766