Lorenz Model LS-180 CNC Gear shaper, 7″ max diameter, 2″ stroke, 6″ cutter slide positioning, Fanuc 18MI controls motors and drives. retrofit in 2003 , very nice condition

Category: GEAR SHAPERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 4162 Description:

Lorenz CNC 4-Axis Gear Shaper
Model LS-180 
s/n will advise
Retrofitted & Rebuilt 2003

This lorenz CNC gear shaping machine is very universal. The 4 Axis CNC Fanuc control allows you many software options. The Z-axis slide of the cutter slide positioning allows you to easily get in and out of tight internal gears. it allows you to also you to get down into parts where most machines are unable to without adaptors or extensions.

Max. Pitch Circle Diam., External Gear: 7″
Max. Workpiece Diam., Internal Gear: 11″
Max. Tooth Width: 2.”
Max. Module: 5 DP
Max. Travel:
  X + Direction: 6.89″
  X – Direction: 1.18″
  Z – Direction: 5.9″
Programmable Number of Teeth: 5-200
Connected Load: 44 kVA
Speed Range, Main Motor: 650-3250/min
Stroke Rate Range: 250-1250/min
Output Main Motor: 6 kW@1000/min
Max. Motor RPM:
  Cutter, C Axis: 2000/min.
  Workpiece, D Axis: 2000/min.
  Radial, X Axis: 3000/min.
  Axial, Z Axis: 3000/min.
Rotary Motion:
  Cutter at diam.100, C Axis: 9.5″-190″/min
  Workpiece at diam. 100, D Axis:.189″-380″/mn
  Radial Motion, X Axis: .03-70.87″/mn
  Axial Motion, Z Axis: .03-70.87″/mn
* Spindle Column Positioning (6″ of Stroking Column Adjustment)
* 4″ Additional Riser Assembly
* Hydraulic Clamping
* Magnetic Chip Conveyor
* Complete Hydraulic and Coolant Systems
* Full Manuals and Documentation
* Miscellaneous Tooling and Equipment

Note: the machine was completely remanufactured and recontrolled by RP Machine Enterprises in 2003 . The machine was purchased then by a customer in Michigan and is now available for immediate sale. Contact us today for an under power inspection For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: rich@pisellient.com Phone: 704.609.0766