Reishauer model RZ400 CNC Gear Grinding machine, 16 max diameter Generating style Gear grinder, machine is equipped w/cnc dressing and Oberlin OPF-4 filtration unit new 2003

Category: GEAR GRINDERS, N/C & CNC Reference Number: 4165 Description:

Model RZ-400
S/N will advise
New 2002 Installed new 2003

this machine grinds gear throught generating style using a threaded worm wheel for high speed grinding. This machine is also equipped with a robot loading system if required but was usually manually loaded as the usual runs for this machine were between 30-50 piece lots.

Machine specifications are as follows: 

max. wheel diameter: 400 mm 
gear width: 300 mm 
max. module:
min. module: 0,5 
min. number of teeth:
max. number of teeth: 999 
total power requirement: 205 A 
workpiece weight max.: 300 kg 
helix angle: +/- 45 ° 

Machine is equipped with the following: 
Sensor indexing mechanism 
Reishauer dressing device with OD dresser
Oberlin filtration model OPF-4 and chilling system (New 2003)
Fanuc pick and place robot for part loading
Wheel flanges
Misc tooling for the machine

Machine can be inspected under power at customers facility under power. charts can be furnished upon request as well as part run-off if required until machine has been disconnected. So please schedule an under power inspection today!!!

For any questions contact Rich Piselli E-mail: Phone: 704.609.0766